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Spotlight On: Our 100% Pure Olive Squalane

There are plenty of ingredients that have hero qualities when it comes to skincare. Vitamin C adds brightness, Hyaluronic Acid can hold 1,000 times its weight in water, and Peptides make the skin looks firm and tight. But there’s a less buzzy ingredient that is not only is super easy to use, but also works wonders by adding hydration into your skin and hair routine. And that ingredient is Squalane. This lightweight, colorless oil has been showing up in skincare formulas for decades, but we, at SkinDivision decided selling it on its own as a miracle oil for any skin type and hair. In this post, we try to cover everything you need to know about our 100% Pure Olive Squalane – what Squalane is, what it’s good for and the best ways to use Squalane. Read on.

What Is Squalane? SqualAne vs. SqualEne

Squalane is a saturated lipid that is produced when squalene is hydrogenated – in other words, combined with hydrogen. Squalene is an ansaturated oil that occurs naturally in a lot of different species of plants and animals, and it also occurs naturally in our own skin. However, squalene is very reactive and becomes oxidized quickly. When the squalene in our skin becomes oxidized, it becomes highly inflammatory and can contribute significantly to the formation of pimples. However, once squalene is hydrogenated into squalane it becomes very stable, very moisturizing, and very readily absorbed by the skin. As far as texture goes, squalane is fairly light, and it doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy or oily.

SkinDivision’s Squalane is sustainably derived from olives, to it is  100% natural and vegan, plus is Ecocert certified.

What Is Squalane Oil Good For?

Whereas normally I would make a list of bullet points as to the things different ingredients improve, squalane is simply too unique. This highly occlusive, highly emollient oil is non-comedogenic, and yet is super moisturizing. In other words, it doesn’t matter what skin type or concerns you have – you can feel perfectly safe incorporating squalane into your beauty routine. Those with extremely dry or extremely sensitive skin will benefit from it just as much as those with oily or acne-prone yet dehydrated skin.


How Does Squalane Work?

There are two main ways in which squalane works. First, as an occlusive, squalane creates a protective barrier over the skin, to prevent transepidermal water loss. This thin oil is barely felt on the skin, and yet it blocks a fair bit of moisture from escaping, leaving the skin hydrated. Second, squalane oil works as an emollient. The role of emollients is to fill in the barriers in between skin cells. Cosmetically, this helps the skin feel smoother and more supple, but it also has an important effect on the health of the skin. When the gaps between skin cells are filled in, the skin instantly becomes stronger and more elastic, and harmful things like bacteria cannot penetrate it easily. This is fantastic for strengthening and protecting sensitive skin. The beautiful thing is that squalane does all of these things while feeling light and non-greasy. It rarely causes acne, and because it is so stable it does not go rancid nor does it oxidize on the skin – an issue that might come up with other plant oils that are appropriate for oily skin, like rosehip or grape seed oil.

Is Squalane Good for Hair?

Squalane also works beautifully as a hair oil, by fortifying and conditioning it. It also creates a protective barrier over the hair cuticles, and prevents moisture from escaping them.

By smoothing the hair cuticle, it also keeps the hair looking shiny and soft to the touch, without a hint of frizz. Squalane oil is light enough so that it doesn’t have to be washed out. You can apply it to your hair after heat styling, to keep it smooth. However, it is also perfectly fine to use as a hair mask for an hour or two (or even overnight!) before washing.

How To Use Squalane for the Body

All of the benefits of using squalane on the face also apply to the body. After all, having beautiful skin shouldn’t stop at the face – our bodies deserve just as much love and care! The best time to use squalane oil on the body is right after a shower. After a shower, our skin is saturated with water that will quickly evaporate if we do not lock it in. Squalane is an excellent post shower oil, because it helps keep that moisture in place without leaving the skin feeling greasy or heavy. Simply smooth it all over in circular motions while your skin is still damp.

Have you tried our 100% pure Olive Squalane on your skin?

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