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Game-Changing Blush: Everything You Need to Know about our Cream Blush

Our creamy, blendable Cream Blush gives your cheeks the perfect pop of sophisticated color. This soft veil of color kisses skin creates a healthy glow all year long. From youthful sheers to more intensely colored stains, each shade is formulated with nourishing ingredients and raw mineral pigments. This concentrated formula is infused with organic shea butter, cocoa butter and vanilla extract to blend effortlessly for a natural-looking, second-skin finish. It is called blush, after all!

How to Choose a Blush by Skin Tone

Choosing a blush with an undertone that matches your own skin’s is essential. A blush is meant to replicate the way your face naturally flushes. If the undertone is off, the colour will look stark and unnatural. Our favorite tip: pinch your cheeks with no makeup on, then match your blush to that shade. For a little more guidance, read on!

Blush for Fair to Light Skin Tones

If you have fair to light skin, you’re going to want something lively on your cheek. Light pinks and peaches make the best nude blush on fair skin, so we’d recommend Rose or Peach. Love a little drama? We also love our Berry on pale skin, which is a little brighter and bolder than Rose if you’re seeking a tad more oomph.

Blush for Medium Skin Tones

For those with a medium skin tone, try rich pink like Berry, or a deep brownish shade like Honey for a natural looking finish. Reds flatter a warm complexion, so we also recommend trying Cherry. For a little more edge, try Plum which is a beautiful burgundy.

“I love these products! I was referred to SkinDivision by a friend and, once I made a decision to try it, I haven’t looked back. Very light on my skin, not an overwhelming scent, and hydrates my skin all day. . . it’s all amazing! “

Blush for Dark Skin Tones

Darker skin calls for richer pigments, so have fun with your color selection! We do recommend matching your blush and lip shine color families, so if you have a favorite Lip Shine color, that’s a great place to start when choosing a new blush.

How to Apply Blush

1.   Find the Perfect Shade (See above!)

Follow your natural flush: pinch your cheeks with no makeup on, then match your blush to that natural hue.

2. Wash your hands!

Unlike powder blush, which can look streaky or powdery, cream blush is so easy to apply—literally all you need is your (clean) fingers.

3. Dab & Blend

Use your fingers or a sponge to lightly dab the cream blush onto the apples or your cheeks. Blend upward toward cheekbones in a circular motion.

Our Best Blush Tips

Blend, Blend, Blend!

When layering on bronzer or highlighter, softly blur edges for a diffused glow.

Less is More

Build color as you go—a little goes a long way with this ultra-blendable formula.

Where Do Blush and Bronzer Go?

GOOD QUESTION. Use bronzer or a brownish blush (like our Honey) to accentuate the hollows of your cheekbones, then add a small amount of blush directly on the apples of your cheeks.

Can Blush Cause Breakouts?

The wrong one can! But Cream Blush is dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic. Even better? It’s actually good for your skin, with nourishing butters (shea & cocoa), antioxidant Vitamin E, hydrating vanilla extract and natural mineral pigments that create an even surface and a soft-focus, naturally blurred effect.

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